The Valedictory Dinner is one of the most important and exciting nights in the Halls' calendar. It is a dinner where all residents dine together under the stars to celebrate the achievements of our valedicts.

On this evening we recognise individual and Hall achievements.

These include individual $1000 scholarships for the Most Outstanding Contribution to Residential Living, Excellence in Academic (male and female),  Sporting and Cultural Acheivements.

  • The Most Outstanding Contribution to Residential Living Scholarship is awarded to the most deserving nominee on the basis of academic success and other matters deserving of recognition including contribution to the resident body, participation in cultural and sporting programs and leadership and personal qualities.
    Excellence in Academic Scholarship is offered to one female and male resident with the highest GPA for the current academic year.
  • The Excellence in Cultural Acheivements Scholarship is awarded to the most outstanding nominee in participation in Halls' cultural programs, leadership, personal qualities and proven talents in cultural programs, and commitment to the cultural diversity of the Halls.
    The  Excellence in Sport Scholarship is awarded to the most outstanding nominee for participation in Halls' sporting programs, leadership and talent in sporting programs and commitment to sportsmanship. 

All scholarships are offered to undergraduate residents from the Faculty of Science who are returning to the Halls in the following year.

The winning Hall for the Halls of Residence Cultural, Academic and Sporting Cups are announced at the Valedictory Dinner, as well as individual awards for achievement.