1. Eligibility

An external resident must be enrolled as a student of The University of Queensland to be eligible for short stay accommodation in the Halls of Residence. Other guests and visitors who fall outside of this criteria may be considered at the discretion of the Head or their nominee. The Head of the Halls, or their nominee, has the right to refuse eligibility if, in their estimation, the residential environment offered does not meet the needs of that individual.

2. Short Stay Accommodation

2.1 An external resident can be required to move to an alternative room and Hall at the request of the Manager Residential Programs.

2.2 Rooms are licensed for single occupancy only.

3. Requirement to pay accommodation fees and refund of fees.

4.1 Students allocated accommodation are required to pay all residential fees in advance.

4.2 If you need to cancel your booking prior to arrival, a $25 cancellation fee will be retained from any refunded monies. No refunds will be provided for no-shows, late arrivals or early departure.

4. Authority within the Halls of Residence

4.1 The University has overall responsibility for the Halls.

4.2 The Head of Halls has responsibility for the management of, and conduct within, the Halls.

4.3 Resident staff, including the Manager Residential Programs are appointed for the management of, and conduct within, the Halls of Residence and as such should be considered agents of the Head of the Halls.

4.4 External residents must comply with a direction given by the Head, Manager Residential Programs and Resident Staff or authorised University Staff such as Security Officers. Failure to do so will be deemed as a breach of the conditions of residency (clause 15).

5. Conduct within the Halls of Residence

External residents shall not cause nor permit the premises to be used or occupied in any way or for any purpose which might cause annoyance to any persons on the premises, or indulge in any illegal, riotous, noxious, improper, offensive or noisy conduct or practice, or bring the reputation of the Halls into disrepute. External residents shall be bound by the rules of the Halls as set out in the Rules and Conditions Governing Occupancy, Halls Handbook and The University of Queensland Student Charter.

5.1 External residents must at all times conduct themselves within the Halls in a manner which is conducive to study and sensitive to the privacy and needs of other residents.

5.2 External residents will be required by the Head, a Resident Staff member, or authorized University staff to discontinue any behaviour which is detrimental to the welfare, comfort or convenience of other residents.

5.3 The University of Queensland is committed to ensuring that the University environment is safe, respectful and free from all forms of Sexual Misconduct, this includes the Halls of Residence. The Sexual Misconduct policy outlines the overarching principles governing the University’s approach to preventing, addressing and responding to Sexual Misconduct, which is behaviour inconsistent with the University’s values.  This policy is to be read in conjunction with the Sexual Misconduct – Procedures.

6. Drugs and Alcohol

6.1 External residents must not bring onto, or use, or consume within or in the precincts of a Hall of Residence, any substance or article, the possession of which is illegal.

6.2 Alcohol consumption in moderation is permitted in bed/study rooms only. Consumption of alcohol is not permitted in the common rooms, common areas or within the external precincts unless specific prior permission is granted by the Head or Manager Residential Programs. All alcohol consumption must cease on campus at 11.30pm in accordance with The University of Queensland Policies.

6.3 In accordance with state policies, persons under the age of eighteen (18) years are not permitted to consume alcohol within the Halls or at Halls functions. Persons under the age of 18 found consuming alcohol or intoxicated will be suspended from the Halls immediately.

6.4 The use of home brewing kits or stills within the Halls is prohibited.

6.5 Smoking is prohibited on all University of Queensland campuses including the Halls of Residence. The total smoking ban includes the use of electronic cigarettes, vapour pens or other devices. The University smoking policy is recognized as an Occupational Health and Safety responsibility.

7. Firearms and dangerous or unlawful goods

External residents must not bring onto, or use within or in the precincts of a Hall of Residence, any firearm (or facsimile), weapons, explosives, fireworks, or flammable liquids.

8. Fire Fighting Equipment

8.1 External residents should familiarize themselves with the location and instruction for use of, fire fighting equipment.

8.2 External residents must not use such equipment unless a fire emergency occurs; unauthorized or indiscriminate use of fire fighting equipment is prohibited, and may result in immediate dismissal.

8.3 Where the Fire Brigade responds to a fire alarm, external residents found negligent will be charged the Fire Brigade call-out fee.

9. Dining Hall

9.1 External residents are required to produce an ID card to take meals in the Dining Hall.

9.2 Additional meals can be purchased through the Dining Hall.

9.3 Neat casual dress and footwear should be worn at all meal times, and hats removed.

9.4 An external resident must leave the Dining Hall when requested to do so by the Catering Manager of the Dining Hall or nominee, the Head or Nominee, or a Resident Staff member.

10. Maintenance of rooms

10.1 External residents must keep their rooms and the Hall common areas in a clean condition and in a state that will not cause any obstruction to, or deterioration of, the general environs within the Hall.

10.2 External residents shall not, without the permission of the Head or Nominee, remove items of furniture or equipment belonging to the Halls, or transfer items of furniture or equipment from the rooms in which they have been provided.

11. Liability

The University shall not be liable for any failure, delay or interruption in performing its obligations and duties herein stated, due to causes or conditions beyond its control or which could not have been prevented or remedied by reasonable effort at reasonable expense. Neither the University nor its officials, agents and employees are liable for the loss, theft, disappearance, damage or destruction at any time or in any place of any property belonging to, used by, or in custody of any resident no matter where such property may be normally used, kept or stored.

12. Entering Residents Rooms

An external residents room may be entered by person's authorized by the Manager Residential Programs: (i) for inspections, cleaning, inventory, maintenance, safety alterations and repair. (ii) in an emergency as determined by the Manager Residential Programs or delegate without advance notice and whether or not the resident is present. (iii) between terms/semesters when at the discretion of the Manager Residential Programs, rooms in the Halls may be entered without written or verbal notice.

13. Responsibility for Conduct of Other Persons

External residents are responsible for the conduct of any person(s) they invite into, or entertain within, the Halls. All non-residents are expected to leave the Halls by 10.30pm. External residents shall not allow another person to stay in their rooms overnight or for an extended period.

14. Keeping of Pets

External residents must not bring to, or keep any animal or pet within the Halls of Residence.

15. Breach of Conditions

Should a breach of the conditions outlined above occur, the Head or Nominee may impose the following penalties (i) requirement to apologize to the wronged party; reimbursement of the full price of meals misappropriated from the Dining Hall; payment of casual accommodation rates for any unauthorized overnight guests; restitution for the full amount of repairs or replacement resulting from any wilful vandalism, damage or theft; (ii) Good behaviour bond and/or a community service order; (iii) immediate suspension or expulsion from the Halls.