Preparation Styles Used In The Halls Of Residence Menu

Included in Graph 1 are the preparation styles used in the Halls of Residence menu.

Graph 1: Preparation styles

Preparation Style and Nutritional Impact

Preparation style is well distributed with a suitable proportion of wet and dry dishes offered on a daily basis. Graph 1 indicates that a wide variety of cooking methods are used, to promote variety and healthy cooking methods are employed throughout the menu. The pie/pastry dishes are high, as these include quiches and pizza. The grilled options are the highest, reflecting healthy cooking methods. This is elevated due to the large amount of dish types that can be produced by grilling, including hamburgers, sausages, grilled fish/steak etc. Crumbed/fried method of cooking is well below the recommended 10% of dishes (6%), heart healthy olive oil is used during preparation and cooking, low fat cooking methods such as grilling, steaming and oven roasting; deep-frying is rare, all meats are trimmed of visible fats.

The menu provides enough variety to supply appropriate choices for diabetes and weight loss, provided residents make the right choices. There are vegetarian options on the menu for vegetarian diets.

The menu offers a wide variety of dishes and offers healthy alternatives each day. This menu is in line with Scolarest and government standards.