Comparison of Private Rental and Halls of Residence - 2020

Private Rental

Private rental based on a 52 week lease of a room in a share house in Gatton:

Rental $175
Electricity $15
Gas $10
Food $125
Laundry $10
Telephone (rental, connection & voicemail) $20
Internet $15
Transport $20
Total per person per week $390
Total per person per annum $20,250
Halls of Residence

Halls of Residence based on a standard resident room (Academic year - 32 weeks).

Residential fee per week* $340
Residential fee per annum* $10,874
*Includes accommodation, 21 meals per week, electricity, internet and laundry
Additional benefits provided at no cost to residents
  • Tutorial Program. To assist residents achieve academic success through study groups and assignment preparation techniques. The Halls provide air conditioned tutorial rooms.
  • Security. 24 hour on-site security. UniSafe escorts seven nights a week to provide safe passage to residents on campus
  • Pastoral Care. Resident Staff assist residents settle in and find a balance within university and residential life. Resident staff become mentors, guides and friends.
  • Cleaning. Bathroom and public areas cleaned daily. Rubbish removal from resident rooms.
  • Catering. Three buffet style meals a day catering to all tastes. Variety of hot meals, vegetarian, and healthy choice. Special diets can be catered for.
  • Scholarships. The Halls offer a number of scholarships and awards to new and returning residents.
  • Social Activities. Wide range of social activities, including theme dinners, formal dinners, special dinners with guest speakers and weekend trips.
  • Sporting Activities. Inter-hall sporting competition.
  • Cultural Activities. Events such as debating, Art & Literature week & Multicultural week.
  • Leadership. The Halls offers a number of leadership roles to develop these skills for residents.
  • Fire protection. Fire detection and prevention systems meeting fire safety standards and fire drill training.
  • Personal Development. Sponsor a needy child, charity awareness and “Drinksmart” program.


The Halls of Residence offers great value for money compared with other accommodation options.  Halls residents are able to maximise the time they spend on their studies, not distracted by the need to shop, cook, and clean, or the upheaval created by flat mates who turn out to be not so compatible.

Residents Enjoy
  • Comfortable accommodation in an attractive location within the University
  • A unique opportunity to make many friends
  • Freedom from the hassle of coping with day to day shopping, cooking and cleaning
  • Access to valuable extra services at no extra cost
  • Support from older year residents
  • In-house tutorial assistance with studies
  • Free use of the gym and UQ sport benefits
  • Fantastic food, three hot meals every day
  • Recreation facilities
  • On site laundries
  • Computer lab, WiFi access, in-room data point
  • Sporting teams and cultural groups to join
  • 24 hour security for your safety
  • Social life to enjoy
Renting Privately
  • Food, shopping, cooking meals and washing dishes....will your flatmates share the load?
  • Expenses: telephone, electricity, excess water bills, internet, travel, furniture, food and rent.
  • What about travelling time to Uni?
  • Can you afford to pay for a gym membership?
  • How messy will your flat mate be?
  • Happy to share your TV, computer, sound system, favourite food?
  • How will you meet new people?
  • Strange noises in the night – who will help you?
  • Tedious hours at the Laundromat?
  • Computer not working? What is Plan B?
  • No peers to study with?
  • Can you really manage EVERYTHING on your own?
International Students

Make great friends and meet a mix of people from all walks of life whilst studying in Australia.  Enjoy the relaxed, friendly environment of Halls knowing that your needs have been taken care of.

Advantages on Campus

Engage with the University of Queensland’s academic culture with ease.  Save time on travel and have access to the University’s teaching and research facilities at your doorstep. Live with like-minded students without taking a gamble with unknown housemates.