Residents Club

All students living in Halls are members of the Resident’s Club. The role of the Resident’s club is to provide you with enriching social, cultural and sporting activities to help you meet people, consolidate friendships, try new experiences and have fun! The Resident’s Club is an elected Committee of residents who are passionate about enriching Halls life. The Resident’s club have been busy all summer planning and organising Orientation Week and a selection of exciting events and activities throughout the year for the benefit of the residents of the Halls. They do this for nothing more than the reason of wanting to make college as exciting and dynamic for residents as possible. Click on the 'Yearbook' link and the 'Mid Year Report' link to see whats been happening in the Halls.

The Res Club is eager to organise as many events as possible, so enquire, badger, annoy and pester the club members if you have anything you want organised… or better still … if you want to help the club join one of the sub committees. They want to talk to you!

Every year in October Res Club elections are held. All residents are welcome to nominate for Res Club positions. More information on all positions will be provided during the year.