Before the Fire or Emergency

All occupants are to make themselves familiar with the emergency evacuation procedures for their building, the location of fire exits, the location of Building Wardens and the designated Assembly Area. 

In the Case of Fire or Emergency

If you discover a fire or emergency:

  • Sound the fire alarm system (push button alarm locations as shown on floor plans in each block of each Hall;
  • Alert the Emergency Services through UQ Security on 07 3365 3333 (all hours) or on 1800 800 123 (free call). If these numbers fail to respond alert Emergency Services on 000 (public phone) and give the following details:
    • 1) location, type and scale of the emergency; and
    • 2) your name and location.
  • Alert other people in the vicinity and notify a Building or Floor Warden. (Look for the location of Warden’s room on the plans)


On hearing the fire alarm or when instructed by a Building or Floor Warden:

  • Walk quietly but quickly to the exit and proceed to the Assembly Area outside the building to await further instructions.
  • Listen and follow instructions from the Building or Floor Wardens.
  • In order to prevent injury and possible panic during evacuation do not run, push or overtake and do not return to your room.
  • Do not return to your building until the Building Warden or the Fire Brigade Senior Officer gives the all clear.