What if I have questions that are not answered below?
We are here to help you make the right decision, email halls@uq.edu.au or refer to further details on this website.


Do I need to be a UQ Gatton student to apply for accommodation?

Yes, accommodation at the Halls of Residence is only available to UQ Gatton students.

Do I have to be a full-time student?

Yes, accommodation is only available to full-time students.

When should I apply to become a resident?

Online Applications open on the UQ Gatton Campus Open Day, mid August each year.

If I am an Australian Year 12 student when do I find out if my application has been successful?

If you have applied for accommodation prior to December we will be in a position to make early round offers to you before the Christmas closure. All other applications submitted after December will receive a response in January or later.

If I am an international student, or a deferred UQ student when will I find out if I have a residential place?

If you have applied for accommodation prior to December we will be in a position to make early round offers to you before the Christmas closure. All other applications submitted after December will receive a response in January or later.

Can I defer my accommodation offer?

No, unfortunately we are not able to defer accommodation offers.

What happens if I accept a residential offer but then accept a place at another university?

Your deposit is non-refundable so you should take every step to ensure that you are committed to coming to UQ Gatton before you accept a place in Halls of Residence.

What happens if I am not accepted into my first choice of student accommodation?

The application process indicates a second and third choice of accommodation. We will do our best to accept as many students as possible into the Hall of their first choice, bearing in mind the need to ensure the best possible balance of first and later year residents and a good blend of students from different backgrounds and different interests.

What happens if I do not receive a first-round university offer into UQ Gatton?

If you still hope to receive a study place in second or third round offers, there is still every chance that we will be able to assist you with accommodation. It is best to make contact with us to let us know that you are still keen for accommodation and keep us informed if you should receive a second or third round offer.

What happens if I do not receive a first round offer of accommodation into Halls of Residence?

For a variety of reasons history tells us that not all students who have received a first round offer of accommodation will accept.  We are unable to indicate the chance of you receiving a second round offer as we do not know how many rooms are likely to become available.

Can I apply for and stay in residence for first semester only?

No - offers for places are made on the condition that you sign up for and stay for the full academic year – February to November of each year. If you have applied to start in Semester Two then you will only be signed up for that period as the academic year ends in November.

Should I attend Open Day?

Absolutely! It is a fantastic opportunity to see the Halls of Residence and the wider university. You'll be able to check out our facilities and gain a better understanding for which Hall might best suit you.


What is the cost of living in the Halls?

Refer to the Residential fee schedule.

What do I get for my money?

  • Accommodation and meals provided seven days per week during the academic timetable.
  • Pastoral care and residential activities.
  • Academic assistance through a peer support program.
  • Organized social and sporting activities.
  • Laundry facilities, washing machines and dryers.
  • The opportunity to take up leadership positions within the Halls.
  • The opportunity to begin life-long friendships.
  • And much, much more!

How do I pay my fees?

Residential fees are added to your account per term and are due and payable according to our fee schedule. Alternatively, you can make regular payments providing the full instalment is paid by the due date.  If you would like to pay for a semester or year in advance, please contact our Business Manager on 07 5460 1034 for more information. Payments can be made by debit or credit card using the StarRez Portal, BPay or eftpos.

Can I pay by bank transfer?

Yes. – please contact our Business Manager on 07 5460 1034 for further information about how to pay your fees by bank transfer.

What about a residency agreement?

Currently, residents enter a contract for one year. Breach of contract terms are set out in the Rules and Conditions Governing Occupancy of the Halls of Residence Gatton.

What insurance cover is provided?

No insurance for personal belongings is available.  Please ensure that you have your own cover, or that your parents’ cover will incorporate your belongings when on the Halls.  Limited personal injury insurance is available through certain student groups on campus when engaged in that group activity.

Residential life

What is provided in my Hall?

In the room is a bed, mattress, mattress protector, desk, study chair, wardrobe, drawers, mirror, bookshelves, rubbish bin, heater, data connection, smoke detector, security latch, security screened windows, pin board, carpet and curtains.  The common room in each Hall is equipped with a microwave, instant boiling water, pool table, stereo, large screen TV/DVD and Foxtel.  Cooking and heating of food is not permitted in rooms.

What do I need to bring with me?

This depends on which Hall you will be living in, and on personal needs. However, to make your room feel more like home you can bring your own posters and pictures, 'knick knacks' and even a small bar fridge. The essential things to bring when moving into your residence are bath towel, washing powder, laundry basket and clothes-hangers, electrical converters for international appliances, personal toiletries and clothing. In addition, students living in our self-catered residence (Thynne C) should bring pots, pans, crockery, cutlery, tea towels  and cooking utensils. It is important to note that kettles, toasters and hotplates are not permitted in any bedrooms due to fire regulations.

Where do I do my laundry?

Washing machines, dryers, iron, ironing boards and clotheslines are available in each Hall and are included in your fees.  You need to bring your own washing powder.  

Is there internet access?

Unlimited access to websites on UQ connect and a free down load quota is available in all rooms (discover more).  This is done via WiFi using UQ’s Eduroam system.

How to connect to Eduroam

What are the cleaning arrangements?

Residents are responsible for cleaning their room and removal of rubbish.  Vacuum cleaners are available on each Hall.  University cleaning staff clean communal areas such as common rooms and bathrooms on a daily basis.  

What about special dietary needs?

Chartwells Catering are able to cater for all special food requirements.  Discuss your particular needs with the Catering Manager.  

Can I bring my pets into the Halls?

No, except fish in a small tank.

What sort of activities are offered?

The Residents’ Club is responsible for organizing social, sporting and cultural events throughout the year.  A wide variety of activities catering to many tastes are provided.

Can I have a friend come to visit?

You are permitted to have overnight guests (over 18 years old) by completing a guest form available from your Residential Staff. Visitors to the Halls are required to follow the same rules and regulations as residents and the resident is held responsible for the actions of their invited guest.

What if my parents wish to stay?

There is a motel on campus!  Bookings can be made by calling (07) 5460 1489 or email ccu@uq.edu.au.

Is there an alcohol policy?

Residents who are over 18 are permitted to drink in their rooms. Controlled drinking in communal areas is at the discretion of the Residential Supervisor of each Hall.  The general rule of thumb is to seek permission first. Residents who are under 18 are not permitted to drink within University grounds (that includes the Halls of Residence).

Can I change my allocated room?

Residents can apply to change rooms by filling out the appropriate form online.  All room changes must be approved by the Manager, Residential Programs.

Do I have to pack my room in semester breaks?

All residential fees cover the academic year - 32 weeks (refer to fee schedule); they do not include payment for semester breaks. Residents may have to pack their rooms if needed for conference guests. Residents can apply to stay during semester breaks, but may be relocated, and vacation charges apply.  Residents will be advised well in advance if the need arises for them to pack their rooms.

Can I stay in Halls over the holiday period?

During the academic year, as a current resident you can apply to stay during the University breaks by completing an online ‘vacation residence application’ form. You may have to change rooms to accommodate conference guests. The Halls of Residence office will notify all students of when and how to apply for a room well in advance of each vacation break.

What about security?

University Security is on duty 24 hours a day.  The Unisafe service includes accompanying students to/from residences and other areas of the campus after dark.

What transportation is available?

Bus and bus/rail public transport services run daily to Brisbane and Toowoomba. Free carparking is available to residents directly opposite each Hall.

As an International student, does the Halls of Residence organise my airport pickup?

No, you will need to contact UQ International to arrange airport pick up.

What support is provided?

High level residential care programs are provided by live-in staff.  Residential staff are available for problems you may have on the Halls and also oversee social, cultural and sporting programs for residents.  A peer support academic assistance program (GRASP) is offered in many first year subjects.  This may take the form of individual or small group assistance.  In short, if you need assistance, ask!