Healthy Snacks & Desserts 

1. What are some examples of healthy desserts?

Possible Answers:

  • Fruit salad
  • Low fat custard/yoghurt
  • Fruit crumble (made with oats and seeds)
  • Fruit pancakes (made with wholemeal flour)
  • Sorbet or gelato
  • Poached/Baked fruit

2. List three healthy snacks

Possible Answers:

  • Fresh fruit pieces
  • Fruit salad
  • Sushi roll
  • Tub low fat yoghurt
  • Handful of mixed nuts and dried fruit
  • Rice crackers with cheese, peanut butter or other spread
  • Bran based breakfast cereals with low fat milk
  • Toast (fruit, raisin, wholegrain, multigrain, wholemeal) with a thin cover of spread

3. List three ways to incorporate healthy snacks and desserts into your lifestyle.

Possible Answers:

  • Be prepared! Have healthy snacks available in your car, bag or desk. Snacks within easy reach are more likely to be consumed
  • Avoid keeping high fat high sugar snacks close by
  • When shopping, only purchase healthy snacks. That way you won’t be tempted when you get home.

4. True or false, snacks can be beneficial?


  • People often need to snack between meals, to keep their energy levels high till the next main meal. Snacks are recommended for children and athletes for these reasons.
  • Snacking tends not to be beneficial when people snack for the wrong reasons, including boredom or habit. If you have three solid meals and snacks, without burning the calories you consume, you may gain weight.
  • Keep snack serve sizes small but large enough to satisfy till your next main meal.
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