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Shania - First Year Resident

Shania - First Year ResidentTransitioning from high school to University was a very stressful time. Would I make new friends? Will I cope with being away from my family and old friends? All of these thoughts continuously bounced around in my head for weeks leading up to Orientation. Moving onto Halls made the transition a whole lot easier.

During Orientation week, you meet tonnes of great people who become your closest friends. Living on Halls means that you are constantly surrounded by academically driven people who are willing to help out when you need a hand. There is always a range of classes dedicated to helping the Halls of Residence students with assignments and content. Making studying and achieving good marks a whole lot easier. Plus, lectures are only a short walk away.

Living on Halls is extremely convenient as your meals are prepared for you. So during a busy day of classes and study there is no need to stress about what you’re going to make for lunch or dinner and the food is delicious. Or if you feel the need for a break from study, there is a pool, sport ovals and a fully equipped gym, with all of the equipment you could dream of, only a 5-minute walk away. Being a part of the Halls of Residence means you have access to fitness classes, sport every Wednesday afternoon and a whole range of activities organised by the residence club.

All in all, Halls provide everything you need to become a successful student and enjoy a diverse range of social activities. Living on Halls is one of the best decisions I have ever made so if you're thinking about applying just go ahead and do it.


Lianne - International Resident

Lianne - International ResidentMoving into Halls was a scary but exciting adventure for me.  I was nervous because not only was I moving away from my family, but I was moving to a totally new country!  Not really knowing what to expect, I arrived on campus and was immediately blown away by the friendliness of the Res Club members, Res Staff and Office Staff!  

From the word ‘go’, O-week was a blast.  All of the activities that were held allowed us to meet new people in a non-threatening and extremely fun environment.  Sometimes it was a bit difficult to understand what was being said as Australians seem to have a lot of slang but they’re all so friendly that I felt I could ask them to clarify anything at any stage. There are many social events held on campus such as Res Sport and Club Night.  These are also great ways to get to experience the Australian culture and meet people from different Halls and different courses.  

For me, being on Halls makes studying easier because there is always somebody around that you can ask for help.  GRASP is a tutoring programme set up for Halls students to help us with courses we may be struggling in or to answer questions we may have had from lectures or self study.  I was a bit worried about how I could study with so many people around me all the time.  There was no need for that worry, though, because we have so many options as to where we can study; in our rooms, in the “tute” rooms, in the library (24 hour access), in the common room or underneath any tree on campus!  

Even though I’m an international student, I feel like I have become part of the UQ Gatton Halls family.  Everybody is so accommodating and willing to teach me about Australia but just as willing to hear about where I’m from.  I'm really glad that I chose to live on Halls and would suggest it to any international student as it is such a great way to meet new people and feel welcome whilst living far away from home!


Amy - Returning Resident (2nd or 3rd yr)

Amy - Returning Resident (2nd or 3rd yr)As a veterinary student who comes from a small rural town, living on Halls was the best decision I could have made. Halls is a really friendly, welcoming and supportive community of students and staff. For me in my first year, being part of the Halls community made the whole transition from school to university that much easier. Not only is Halls settled on the doorstep to all the university’s facilities, but the Residential Staff are always willing to help out with absolutely anything.

The Halls community is also really supportive of academic development. From peer-run tutoring sessions with GRASP (Gatton Residents' Academic Support Program) to academic dinners, students are encouraged to achieve their best. Personally, the Halls community has enhanced my career pathway in veterinary science. Living on campus allows me easy access to the library and veterinary teaching facilities. It has also enabled me to volunteer with the campus dairy and dog shelter where I have gained invaluable skills for my degree.

I have also been able to further develop my fitness. There are many sporting facilities on campus as well as a gym with amazing staff who take awesome Halls-only fitness classes such as Bootcamp. Personal training sessions are also available to Halls students. I have always found these exercise opportunities a great way to distress and have a break away from the books.

 This is my third year on Halls and I highly recommend the Halls community to anyone wanting to study here at UQ Gatton.


Alex - First Year Resident

Alex - First Year ResidentBeing a first year student and also an international student, I had a lot of nerves about starting at UQ. These nerves were all settled immediately upon arrival when I was greeted with open arms by all staff members and students alike. The sense of community on Halls is fantastic and something that is strongly encouraged with use of the common rooms and whole hall events which have been fantastic aids in getting to know other people from the hall.

My personal favourite part of halls, other than the great people, is res sport every Wednesday. This is the perfect opportunity to get the whole hall to get together and have some fun while playing a different sport each week. Everything is organised very well by the Res Club and makes for a great overall experience. The Res Club also organise many other exciting events through the year such as trips to Stradbroke Island, the local horse races, and the fantastic O’ week to name a few.

Being on campus is something that we take for granted. Having everything you possibly need within walking distance makes life so much easier. Only a short walk to the dining hall, or to the gym and pool, not to mention lecture theatres.

The friendships I have formed thus far are friendships for a lifetime, and I truly believe I would not have met the same diversity of people if I wasn’t on halls. There is always something going on, and it’s always a fun time. I strongly recommend for everyone thinking of starting at UQ to apply for halls as well, it is one decision you certainly will not regret!


Ho Wun (Alan) - International Resident

 Ho Wun (Alan) - International ResidentAt first, I was very nervous moving into Halls since this is my first time being far away from my home in Hong Kong and everything that I am familiar with. However, with the genuine help from the Halls staff and many other senior residents, my worry and anxiety were quickly blown away. The Halls community is awesome, with tonnes of activities, such as res sport with a variety of sports events on every Wednesday and well organised trips to different places. Through those events I have made friendships from different parts of the earth that definately will last for the rest of my lifetime.

The Halls community doesn't ignore academic study as well - the academic support such as GRASP is fantastic and it truly helps for assignments and exams. The noise policy before exams is really great giving the residents a quiet study environment and enough rest to prepare for their exams. Staying on Halls also allows me to have easy access to many great facilities and resouces like 24 hour access to the library and the gym and swimming pool within walking distance. Having these resources very close makes life a lot easier, especially for students that can't drive.

This is my second year living on Halls and I really recommend Halls to students. This is the place where friendships and happiness join together, regardless of your identity, culture or religion. Trust me, you will gain more that you can ever imagine.


Kaitlyn - Returning Resident (2nd or 3rd yr)

Kaitlyn - Returning Resident (2nd or 3rd yr)I am a 3rd year Wildlife Science student living in Thynne C (the best block on Halls!). I love everything about living on Halls, and there are a multitude of reasons for why I've stayed here for so long!

I'm from a little town in NSW near Byron Bay, so when I first moved to UQ Gatton I didn't previously know anyone at all, but on the very first day here I made so many new friends and you will too! These friends have become like my family and have been a great support for my time at UQ. I think thats one of the best parts of living on Halls - everyone is your friend.

Halls has a lot of awesome events throughout the year - such as Dinner Under The Stars, Valedictory, Res Sport, GSA Ball and so many more. Theres never any lack of excitement and who doesn't love a chance to dress up!

Halls also has a great range of facilities such as the Gym, the pool, UQ Sport sessions like pilates and boxing, study rooms for group study, a community garden, a huge library, computer labs and the list goes on! My favourite part of living on Halls however is the location! The Halls are right on campus, and only 2 minute walk to most classes. (This is important for those who love a bit of a morning sleep in!)

Lastly as a vegetarian, the kitchen blocks of Thynne C are really accommodating. I love being able to create my own food, share dinner with my other kitchen members and feel a sense of independence. How cool is being able to cook your own food and still be within the Halls community?


Will - First Year Resident

Will - First Year ResidentMaking the choice to live at the Halls of Residence was one of the best decisions that I have made in regards to my university life. Throughout my time thus far I have had the opportunity to form a lot of friendships, not only with people with similar interests in the same course as me, but with a range of people from diverse backgrounds. This is great in respect to having someone to ask for help in university subjects, gaining advice/help from students who have already completed the subjects and gaining a new overall perspective on the world.

Living on campus is also convenient in regards to having my meals ready-made and being a short walk to the library, post office and classes. This means that instead of travel time, I can spend more time focusing on my studies. If you are the sporting type or just enjoy keeping fit and healthy, there are lots of sports teams you can join as well as free access to the gym and lots of training programmes.

To all future Halls students, I would strongly advise you to apply for Halls of Residence. Not only is it great opportunity for forming lifelong friendships it provides all the resources and facilities necessary to excel academically.


Oluwatooni (Toni) - International Resident

Oluwatooni (Toni) - International ResidentI am currently living on halls for my second year, and honestly it has been awesome. I moved from Canada to Australia for my studies, and it would have been tremendously difficult adjusting to the changes without the support and help of both staff and students.

The community on halls is second to none, and it feels much like home. Academic support is provided which really helps, and there are heaps of sporting and social events. The friendliness of the staff makes it very easy to approach them whenever in need. I have made friendships that will last a life time, and will make many more.

There are several multi-cultural events which brings all the international students like myself together, and makes it quite easy to meet and make friends from other countries. Facilities like the gym, homestead, and library makes it easier to get things done without having to go long distances. An excellent noise policy is put in place to allow students to study and rest properly, especially during the exam period.

I highly recommend the halls to every student irrespective of culture, background, race, career choice or religion. The Halls community is a place where friendships are forged, and life changing experiences are gotten! Come on board!

Oluwatooni (Toni)

Joseph - Returning Resident (2nd or 3rd yr)

Joseph - Returning Resident (2nd or 3rd yr)Being a part of the community at Halls has brought me many joyful times and wonderful experiences. I have extremely enjoyed my time at UQ Gatton Halls of Residence and have made many friendships as a result. Halls has made studying and socialising during my uni days easy and simple. I find that there is always an activity going on to get involved in here at Gatton.

It is an extremely friendly environment. I always have easy access to resources such as the Library, printery, the gym and pool. This is my second year in Riddell however I have found that my friendship group has been spread out further than Riddell and I have made great friends in other halls.

Halls has always been a relaxing environment, even during SWOTVAC as there is a lot of co-operation between colleagues to get you through exams and group study sessions are extremely easy to organise within Halls as there is always someone around who is willing to help or learn with.

My highlights at Hall of Residents UQ Gatton include; RES sport, GRASP and the many opportunities offered to socialise with friends. GRASP is the most significant opportunity offered to me at Gatton as this assists me  a lot with my study during the semester.

Living at Halls is an experience I am extremely grateful for and is one which I wont regret being a part of.


Ella - First Year Resident

Ella - First Year ResidentBefore I came to Halls I was both excited and nervous, I was fresh out of high school and had never lived away from home before so it was a big change.  Although it was daunting, I couldn’t have felt more welcome and accepted in a place full of all new faces.  I really enjoy the community feel that halls gives whether its playing Res sport on a Wednesday or you need a hand with some study, there is always someone around for a chat or to lend a hand.

The other major perk of living on Halls is the convenient lifestyle that is offered.  Three meals a day and all your classes within walking distance is pretty handy, it means you can get more study done instead of traveling, but more importantly you can sleep-in until 10 minutes before your class starts! There is also a huge range of events run to get involved with from sporting activities to camping trips to Straddie, so there really is never a dull moment or a boring weekend.

I have made some great memories here and some even better friends, deciding to live on Halls was probably the boldest yet best decision I’ve ever made and I encourage everyone to give it a shot because I can guarantee you will gain so much from your experience here.