All work and no play not only makes for a dull life, but is also likely to impede your studies!

Many opportunities exist for our residents to enrich their total experience of University life by becoming involved in debating, public speaking, theatre performances and music groups. Highlights of the year include the Halls Deco Competition, Semi-Formal Dinners and Balls, Valedictory Celebration and 'Dinner Under the Stars'.

The Halls have a strong and lively sporting tradition with teams competing in regular Inter-Hall and University events. Residents can also participate in a range of social and recreational sporting activities for fun and fitness.

Many of the Halls' social, cultural and sporting activities are organised and subsidised by a group of elected residents who manage the Residents' Club. The Club also oversees an exciting array of activities during the first year orientation week, and contributes to the development of policies within the halls, including cultural dinners, trivia nights, talent night, guest speakers, laser tag, zoo trip, rock climbing trips and camping trips.

There's something for everyone and we're always open for new ideas!