Welcome to the Halls of Residence UQ Gatton

The Halls of Residence at UQ Gatton is the oldest and largest residential operation associated with The University of Queensland, being established in 1897 and currently comprising 436 rooms.

Community life in the Halls provides the opportunity for an exciting "Living and Learning" experience at University; it is entirely up to you how much you want to avail yourself of the opportunities. Our motto "Together we grow" is the basis of the opportunities provided to Halls residents. My main responsibility as Head of Halls is to provide a Living and Learning environment that promotes positive community living as well as providing the opportunity for each resident to develop as an individual. Living in the Halls is not easy, because for a community to thrive requires each individual to place limits on their own freedom. I expect that you will act with consideration towards others at all times. The advantages of living in the Halls community far outweigh any constraints, especially the convenience; 3 meals a day, informal academic study groups, and a short stroll to all campus facilities.

The Halls staff are committed to providing you with outstanding opportunities not available to those students who live off-campus. I am confident you will obtain a very good idea about what we do from our website and I look forward to welcoming you to the Halls if you are successful in your application.

Simon Scott
Halls of Residence